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eight dollar millionaire.

i bought a white fur coat at "arc's value village" and paid 8 dollars for it. every time i wear it i look like a millionaire. i feel like a millionaire. and as far as anyone else is concerned, i am a millionaire. suddenly i'm someone to be reckoned with - heads turn and curiosities peak. perhaps passersby are wondering where i parked my limo, or why a lady of my supposed "stature" is buying a week's worth of canned tuna. the guy behind the counter at the grocery store smiles extra wide. at times i've wondered about the prospect of having more money than i do, which would be more than i need. much more. i wonder what it would mean. would i sleep better? have less anxiety? laugh more? would my life be closer to perfection? nope. besides, i'm already a millionaire. an eight dollar one.

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