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twenty-ten and two weeks.

you've probably heard enough about 2010 by now. so much so that the newness has lost its luster. and to mention it now is just, you know. moot. but that's why i waited. i didn't post anything about twenty-ten everyday for the past two weeks. i guess we can go ahead and call that procrastination, which in fact it was. but here i am two weeks in and my hopeful new year dedications are about as drab as this topic is exhausted. in short (my preferred method of thoughtful articulation) i got nothin'. i have no plan for two thousand-ten. and i like it. no plan, that is, except for the plan to continue having no plan. because it seems the more i try and fit my life for probable opportunity the less favorable i find my circumstances to be. the more i push, the more it shoves. so i'll have no plan this year. and who knows. perhaps i'll even find that twenty-ten has a few plans of its own...

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