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lost is the new found.

yet another episode of this american life has gotten me all fired up. i listened to this episode on quitting (well, actually, i thought it was going to be about "quilting" . . . which would have been great too, though you probably wouldn't be reading about it). all about quitter's euphoria and how the more things we quit the more things we do, and so on. it was very . . . relevant? inspiring? i wish. anyhow, it got me thinking. about life and complacency and competition and america and waking up every morning. and it donned on me that this is the first year of 28 in which nothing significant in my life has changed. and of course the thought came to mind: "aha. i think i've done it. i've found myself." but alas, no. still lost. i think i've been lost for so long that lost has become the new found.

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