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an ode to you, two-thousand-and-nine.

i sat down today to pen a good rhyme 'bout the bittersweet glory of two-thousand-nine. so i hopped on the web and what did i find but hundreds of words i could pass off as mine. words like enshrine and design and assign. jawline and neckline and hemline and brine. clothesline and moonshine, swine, pine, and sunshine - take them i did (not a literal crime.) and how fitful an end to the astonishing year which quietly shouted what i least wanted to hear. that i am a fool and a wolf and sheep. that i try to hold on to things i can't keep. but alas, i'm a human - and doesn't it show. its when i try to be more that my chances i blow. so i deleted that poem all thrifty with lingo, wishing for a new card in this grand game of bingo. cause what i've to say to dear two-thousand-nine is that i just did my best with what i had at the time.

thank you, (whoever you are) and happy new year.

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