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oh yeah - merry christmas.

i'd love to share some holiday nuggets of wisdom this christmas. but seeing as how in the past year i've left a wake of bad karma trailing behind my path of ill-informed decisions (i.e. i made a mistake or two) i think i'd better refrain. that might be the one right thing i can do, it seems: stay out of the way. just stay out. and stay not only out of your way, but my own. which has proven time and time again to be a far more difficult task. probably because you can't tryto stay out of your own way. just as you can't try not to think. or try not to try. the route to accomplishing the task is the antithesis of the desired result. hmm. pretty head-y stuff for a saturday morning. so what now? what now. well, first i'll eat some cookies. and then i'm going to the movies.

not a bad start.

merry christmas. from me and my gingermen.

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