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i'm reading harry potter.

so, yes. as you might have imagined i'm one of those people who has refused to read harry potter. out of spite. spite for the herd, the norm, the mindless and trendy; the everyone else but me. turns out my resistance was not only not revolutionary, but actually just as trendy and ignorant as that which it avoided, if not altogether more so. it was pretty deflating (and appropriately so) to find that what's kept my distance from harry potter hasn't been an elevated understanding of the worthy at all. no, more like . . . contempt prior to investigation. ding-dong. i've always assumed that i'm open-minded, and i continued to assume this even after i discovered that the term "open-minded" was not synonymous with "liberal". but i guess open-mindedness is bigger than that; knowledge is one thing, but just knowing something never changed me. . . so, i'm reading harry potter.

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